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this is the official website of

Rotary Club Roma Appia Antica

Foundation year: 1984


Dear Rotary Members and Visitors,

welcome to the website of the Rotary Club Roma Appia Antica, Club founded March 16, 1984, whose story is based on lives and strong traditions, of stories of men and women who over time have contributed with a spirit of service to Rotary’s success.

What is Rotary? Rotary brings together professionals from the most diverse business activities, committed people, interested in exchanging ideas, to forge professional links and friendship and to participate in community service projects.

And why Rotary Club Roma Appia Antica is so called?

What does the Rotary Club do? Here is the Object of Rotary (in Italian)

Our Youth Program

Among the five ways of Rotary actions there  is the “New Generations”. Rotary works for New Generations especially through the following major programs:
Interact, Youth Club between 12 and 18 years
Rotaract Club, made of Young men and Women between age 18 and 30
– RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Exckange)
– The Youth Exchange (RYE – Rotary Youth Exchange), cultural exchange program and study with Foreign Countries.
– The Scholarships
– The Scholarships for Peace

My Motto of this year ‘s “Appassionati del Rotary“. This means that only with the passion and commitment that our Members bring into every action, we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves, and especially that of Doing Good in the World to Come.

The Motto of the international President GERM is “Rotary Serving Humanity“: Rotary is a great opportunity to improve the world by serving the whole of humanity.

This year 2016/17 we will celebrate 100 years of Rotary Foundation.

In this site you will find useful information for Members, for Rotarians visitors and anyone else who is interested in our activities. They are finally published the main facts of our lives Rotary in order to catch up with the local and international initiatives.

I renew my welcome and wish you Merry Rotary to Everybody!

Luigi Cancellaro
President Rotary Club Roma Appia Antica